Øystein Baadsvik is voted one of the top ten brass players in history by the listeners on Classic FM. He did the first TED talk on the topic tuba and is one of the most popular classical musicians on YouTube with more than six million views. His multi-faceted musical career as a soloist and recording artist has taken him all over the world. He regularly gives masterclasses and clinics at major universities worldwide.


“I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to”! I’m joking of course, but during my 40 years playing career, I have made pretty much every single mistake you can make on a brass instrument. Thanks to great teachers, my own research, hard work, and perhaps some luck, I have managed to overcome most of these problems. In this course, I go through everything related to the technical aspects of playing the tuba and how to practice it. I will also share my philosophy behind playing more relaxed AND more powerful.
Øystein Baadsvik


Preparing for an upcoming concert or exam? Need better high range, low range, speed or agility? Or just looking for some inspiration and new ideas?
We can work on any subject that you want, or I can suggest topics based on what I hear during the lesson.
Øystein Baadsvik


Øystein Baadsvik has over 7 million views on YouTube. View his videos here.


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