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Whether you are a seasoned professional that need to brush up your existing skills, a teacher that needs inspiration, a student that needs a clear path to success, or an enthusiast that wants to take his playing to the next level –


Learn from THE leading soloist

Øystein Baadsvik is voted one of the top ten brass players in history by the listeners on Classic FM. Øystein did the world’s first TEDx talk on the topic of tuba, and is one of YouTube’s most popular brass musicians with more than seven million views. His multi-faceted musical career as a soloist and recording artist has taken him all over the world. He regularly gives masterclasses and clinics at major universities worldwide.


In this course, I will show you every aspect of my approach to become successful on a tuba. Through more than 180 lessons, I will be walking you step by step through the following:


Mastering the tuba

In-depth explanations and exercises where I will be teaching you, just as if you were coming to my personal studio for lessons. I walk you through step by step how to practice each exercise and the most efficient ways to become better and faster in your technical work. Posture, breathing, sound production, warmup, low register, high register, legato, articulation, clarity, intonation, flexibility, trills, vibrato, double tonguing, playing fast, and much more. For each topic there is a part called “10 minutes to success”. This tells you in detail how to practice that particular part of your playing to get lasting results after only 10 minutes a day for 3 months.



From dots on a paper to a life changing performance

How do you bring the music to life and how do you “tell a musical story”? Here I am drawing from my 30 years of experience as a soloist to teach you my approach to crafting a great performance. From building and releasing energy to effective use of the complete musical toolbox. We also go in depth into the different musical styles and musical characters, and how to recognise and use them in the music. It is all about your passion for music – and how to turn that passion into concerts that can transform people’s lives.


From daily practicing to planning your career

How do you get as good as possible in the shortest possible amount of time? How do you plan a concert? How do you get gigs? In addition to practicing strategies, you will get tips on how to deal with stress and nervousness, preparing a concert, memorizing music, developing a stage presence, dealing with different acoustics and everything else that happens before the concert. 


In depth solo repertoire tutorials

After having judged hundreds of international solo competitions I have noticed that players often make the exact same mistakes in the music. My goal is to help you avoid these, and to help you take the piece to the next level. I will go over the basic technical challenges as well as the more advanced musical concepts, such as shaping the music, style, characters, rubato and dynamics. This now contains hours of video covering the standard solo repertoire, including the Vaughan Williams tuba concerto. I will be constantly expanding with more music. As a Lifetime Member, you can also suggest new repertoire.


"Great value!

I have had lessons with a number of professional tuba players, professors at universities, etc. I have learned a lot using Oystein’s Complete Tuba Method. He has many very easy to understand analogies relating to playing and understanding technique. The addition of solos is just an added bonus, the technical materials, study plans and techniques are outlined wonderfully. I truly feel Oystein has not only transformed how I think about playing, but how I approach the tuba in general. The Lifetime Access has been worth every penny, and I’ve only used a small number of the videos so far.”

Aaron Wilson

"highly recommended for anyone who wants to know the secrets of the Tuba.

Øystein Baadsvik is an eclectic musician, with his own personality and an exceptional command of his instrument, qualities that are reflected in each of the lessons of the course. His teachings are clear and direct. He provides us solutions to problems and efficiency in the study of the Tuba with a progressive and very well organized program. His personal point of view for each of the exposed topics brings us freshness and inspiration in daily practice. The Baadsvik Method is undoubtedly a highly recommended option for anyone who wants to know the secrets of our instrument.”

Eduardo Nogueroles
Tuba and Euphonium professor at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Valencia.

"A tuba transformation.

I’ve been playing the tuba for a very long time- just over 32 years. I’ve also been stagnant for at least 20 of those years. Oystein’s thorough teaching has helped me to identify and correct the mistakes that were holding me back from making progress. Being able to repeat lessons as required to gradually improve aspects of my playing is a great help. Being able to join in on online forums with Oystein and fellow academy students is a superb way of enriching the learning experience.”

Simon Kerr 

"This is a great gift to have given myself - a sound method to move my playing forward.

Oystein presents an organized and well thought out programme that can speak to all levels of expertise. His experience and virtuosity combine with a sincere, kind and engaging personality that is brought to life in a technically high quality presentation. Additional real time correspondence and webinars add a very personal touch to the programme. I now have the tools, so it’s up to me to do the work. 

Marc Lindy 

"Getting what I want and easy

Your simple explanations in the first few videos have opened a whole new pallet for me. Today my orchestra finished a nice tuba program with Sibelius Symphony number 1 and Finlandia and I was putting these practices into performance with great success. Getting what I want and easy.

Pete Link
Principal Tuba at Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra in Tokyo

"Best Tool for Becoming a Better Tuba Musician.

I have been playing the tuba for over 45 years and would consider myself an advanced player. I practice 10 to 14 hrs per week but not always effectively. I also struggle to play more musically. Improving your playing takes a lot of time and patience. Practicing the same way or wrong way doesn’t help. Øystein’s Tuba Academy is a structured approach for tuba players at all levels but is especially beneficial for advanced and professional musicians that wish to take their abilities to the next level. In addition to the basics there are a lot of tips that helped me in areas like range, multi tonguing and musicianship. Anytime I have an issue or need Øystein’s advice, he is always available for a quick coaching via email or the Academy’s forum. If you are serious about becoming a better player, there isn’t a better tool available for the tuba.

Tom Kindred

James Gourlay

Conductor, pro tubist,
President of ITEA

“I’ve signed up for Oystein’s Tuba Academy and it’s fantastic!”

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$7,500+ VALUE

It would take me well over a year of weekly lessons to go through the material in this course with a student. At my normal rate of $150/h that adds up to $7.500.

Some students claim this program contains more value than four years at college.

In this course, you get access to all of this information in carefully crafted videos that you can watch over and over again – for life – on any device. Have a question after watching the video a few times? Just write your question and get it answered right on the lesson page.

The course also includes personal mentoring as well as live webinars with Q&As.

Let’s get started today!

– Øystein Baadsvik


lifetime membership includes

Can you really learn from watching videos?

Just like with live lessons, result is a product of quality.
Here’s what people say after watching only a few of the videos in this course:

“This video has helped me out tremendously. This instruction is priceless!”
Evan Marley

“I found my high range got immediately clearer, focused and more controlled when I held all these concepts consciously within my brain.”
Remi H

“Absolutely stunning lesson!”
Hugh Melton

“Such a clear demonstration and explanation! Thank you!”
Mike Freed

“Amazing lesson. As a band director this will also apply to all brass instruments.”
John Harcu

Is it expensive?

It is an investment.

In 1994 I had a very important lesson with the legendary Arnold Jacob in Chicago. Including the flight, car rental, hotel, and the lesson itself, I spent close to $1.500. Almost twice as much as the entire price of this course. It was still worth it. The knowledge I got from this one lesson is a cornerstone in my professional work.

For the price of a medium quality smartphone you will not only get a thorough explanation of the principle I learned from Mr Jacobs that day, including pdf exercises and examples. I will also share with you pretty much everything else I’ve learned during forty years as a professional musician and pedagogue.

If the course helps you land a job as a pro musician, it will pay for itself in a couple of gigs.

why pay for information that i can find for free on the internet?

Sure, you can find lots of tutorials for free on internet, but it’s not easy to find exactly what you need, it’s of very variable quality and it’s rarely complete. Here is why you will never find a course like The Complete Tuba Method for free: Creating good pedagogical videos takes a lot of work and planning. This particular course took well over one thousand hours to create, and it contains over 130 carefully scripted and edited videos with premium video and sound quality. The videos are covering all aspects of playing, they are structured and easy to navigate. The videos are paired with exercises on PDF that you can download and use for further studies. You also have access anytime and on any device.

Still not convinced?

Try it!
I believe so strongly in this course, I have a 30-day, money-back policy. If you don’t feel like your skills are improving with the methods I teach you in this program, just send me an email within 30 days from your purchase, and I will return the full course fee, no questions asked.


Let me help you take your playing to the next level!

If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact me using the email: oystein@baadsvik.com. If you have previously purchased any of my other Online Academy courses, please let me know and I will create a custom coupon code for that amount for you to enroll in this course.


You have lifetime access to the course, and you can watch it on all kinds of devices as many times as you like.

Yes, I believe so strongly in this course, I have a 30-day, money back policy. If you don’t feel like your skills are improving with the methods I teach you in this program, I don’t want your money. Send me an email within 30 days from your purchase, and I will return the full course fee, no questions asked.

Absolutely. The course is mobile friendly and you can watch it any time you like, on any device. You can even switch between devices.